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Fiat Fullback Pick Up Truck

Discover the all new Fiat Fullback pick up truck by Fiat Professional. Four wheel drive is standard across the range.

The new Fiat pick up truck comes with either a six-speed manual gearbox or a five speed automatic gearbox. Explore the Fiat Fullback and book a test drive today.

Rugged, reliable and practical down to the finest detail, the Fullback pick up is precisely what you expect from a work vehicle. Fullback offers you up to one tonne of loading capacity and a 1.52 M long cargo bed. Its overall dimensions (5.2 M long, 1.8 M wide), also make Fullback the ideal pick up for your everyday lifestyle. Even after work.

Load capacity
Turning radius

5,9 m

5,285 mm
1,815 mm
Cargo bed dimensions
Cargo floor height

*with rear bumper

1,520 mm
1,470 mm
850 mm

Fullback pick up’s strength lies in its rugged and flexible chassis and in its engines, which are more reliable, efficient and powerful than ever. Fullback is powered with an all-aluminium engine. It is a 2.4 litre diesel engine and is available in the 150 HP or 180 HP versions, with a towing capacity of up to 3.1 tonnes.

Fullback Pick up is also fitted with both the 6-speed manual transmission and The 5-speed automatic transmission. The ideal is what you want. Fullback also ensures you will get extremely low fuel consumption and co2 emissions. In fact, both versions deliver all the power, torque and efficiency demanded of a pick-up.

Engine Version 2.4 180 HP 4WD 2.4 180 HP 4WD Automatic 2.4 150 HP 2WD or 4WD
Displacement 2,442 cm3 2,442 cm3 2,442 cm3
Transmission 6-speed manual 5-speed automatic 6-speed manual
Emissions Standard Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel Diesel
Power 180 hp @ 3,500 rpm 180 hp @ 3,500 rpm 150 hp @ 3,500 rpm
Torque 430 Nm @ 2,500 rpm 430 Nm @ 2,500 rpm 380 Nm @ 1,500 rpm/2,500rpm
Injection Common Rail Direct Common Rail Direct Common Rail Direct
Traction 4WD 4WD 2WD or 4WD
Combined Consumption 40.9 mpg 37.7 mpg 40.9 mpg
CO2 180 g/km 196 g/km 180 g/km

Fuel consumption and CO2 figures are obtained for comparative purposes in accordance with EC directives/regulations and may not be representative of real-life driving conditions. Factors such as driving style, weather and road conditions may also have a significant effect on fuel consumption.

Fullback pick up was built to become the pivot of your work on any terrain. That is also the merit of its 4x4 traction, now even more efficient and easy to control owing to the exclusive 4wd electronic selector that allows you to distribute the maximum torque to each wheel. Fullback's exceptional off -road capability ensures no rugged terrain can stop you from enjoying your favourite leisure activities, or achieving more from work.

Select the traction type

  • 2h
  • 4h
  • 4hlc
  • 4llc
Gives quieter running and better fuel consumption during normal on-road driving.
Selectable at speeds up to 100 Km/h, distributes torque between front and rear axles via a centre differential (CD) with viscous coupling unit (VCU) - the latter permits saferon-road driving in slippery conditions.
Centre differential locked power is evenly distributed between front and rear wheels, improves traction and manoeuvrability on snow, sand or dirt roads.
Lowered gear ratio provides greater torque for extreme offroad conditions: Climbing and descending steep inclines and powering through deep snow, mud and sand.

Fullback pick up is equipped with a wide range of safety devices designed to guarantee maximum protection and safety of the driver and passengers. Reinforced suspensions and bodyshell, Bi-Xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights for maximum visibility. What's more, Fullback offers you the hill holder system for starting off easily even on an uphill road. That is because among all your work tools, safety cannot be lacking. Never.

Speed Limiter
Hill Holder
The body has been made with special steel elements, light and highly resistant to tractions, in order to provide a high level of security.
The front suspension with double A-arm and stabilizer bar ensure excellent stability both on and off the road. The rigid rear axle with elongated multi-layer leaf springs withstand the maximum strains of the road surface, assuring stability and comfort when loaded or empty.
In case of accident, Fullback is equipped with 7 airbags that contribute to absorb the impact. In addition to the front ones, Fullback counts on side and window airbags plus one at the level of the driver's knees.
In case of front impact, the pre-tensioners will automatically tighten the passenger and driver’s seatbelt, to minimize the potential impact with the airbags.
The ideal solution to start uphill with agility even when fully loaded. The Hill Holder automatically stops the vehicle for a few seconds, even if you're not braking.
This system detects a sway of a vehicle with sensors and controls the braking force of each wheel and engine power in order to stabilize the motion. In fact, it prevents the wheels from slipping, minimizing the risk of skids and guaranteeing a perfect traction in every condition.
The Lane Departure Warning is the system that, for speeds higher than 40 mph, automatically warns you with a light and audio signal, that the vehicle is dangerously deflecting from the road.
The adjustable speed limiter helps you to keep the constant speed you've set, without exceeding it. In case it happens, a sound and a visual sign will warn you, helping you to slow down.
The Trailer Stability Assist system guarantees a perfect stability even in case of towing: if the vehicle swerves, the TSA automatically modulates the engine's power and forces the car to brake, restoring the vehicle's towing stability.
Front view
Rear view

At Fiat Professional, we know how much time you spend in your work vehicle. That is why we have made Fullback very comfortable and welcoming, to make sure you never get tired of using it, even after a long, exhausting day at work. Nothing is left to chance: ergonomic seats, spacious interiors that are perfectly air conditioned and soundproofed and a driving position with optimal visibility. Everything is built in a way to maximise comfort.



The ideal solution to park with maximum agility and security, even in the most narrow parking spot.


RADIO NAV with TOUCH Display

Easy to use, pleasant to look at, practical to use. It's the new navigator system available on the new Fullback, with touchscreen and radio commands.



Simply by pressing a button, you will be able to lock and unlock the doors from the outside, and start the engine from the inside.



The music you always take with you in your player, now also on board of the new Fullback. You can select it directly from the touchscreen or from the steering wheel controls.



The easy way to answer calls, after having seen them on display, without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Discover why the new Fullback is ready for everything.
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